Dorm Room Decor Tour

I have now lived in three dorm rooms since starting college, but this summer is the first time I’ve been in a single room on my own. I put up all my room decorations that first day when I moved myself in, and it’s been fun to see how the decor I’ve accumulated since freshman year fits into one room rather than in complement with a roommate’s decor style. I did a little photo shoot of the room to show off some of the random decorations I’ve collected, and to maybe provide some inspiration for your own living space design.

Dorm Room Decor Tour

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Tips When Meeting New People in College

Tis the season for meeting new people. The start of a new semester/school year = prime time to expand the social circle. If you’re a freshman or starting a study abroad program, this rule applies so much more. No one knows each other yet, and everyone is looking for friends – or at least someone to sit with at lunch. It’s like starting high school all over again. Sigh. To help you (and me) out, here are some tips and tricks for successfully meeting new people in college:

Tips When Meeting New People in College

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College Dorm Shower Hacks

College Dorm Shower Hacks

The Shower Caddy

I’ve seen a lot of people buy those big plastic shower caddies, but not all dorms have a place to set the caddy near the shower. In my building, the “toolbox caddies” have to go on the floor. Now personally I’m not the biggest fan of keep my things on the surface I avoid letting my own feet touch. If you don’t use too many heavy products, and you have a sturdy shower curtain rod, I’d recommend getting a mesh shower caddy and a plastic laundry hook. I keep my shower things right at arms reach and off the floor. While it is a simple change, this is probably by best dorm living hack yet. Highly recommend.

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Things I Considered Before Studying Abroad As a Former Expat Kid

At my university, studying abroad is a rather popular option for juniors. Applications are due a year earlier during sophomore year, and it becomes a pretty commonplace topic of conversation during that time. A lot of the reasons people were giving for why they wanted to study abroad were great – but not always goals I could connect with. People wanted to practice their language ability, get a chance to travel, live in a different country for the first time, challenge themselves, or learn a new culture. During these discussions I felt a little bit out of place, because unlike many of my friends, coming the the U.S. had felt a little bit like a study abroad experience in and of itself. Before starting college I lived outside of the United States for nine years. Many of the usual reasons for studying abroad didn’t really apply to me and my experience. So of course, as an over-analyzing list-maker, I made a pros and cons list for why I should or should not apply to a college study abroad program.

Study Abroad as a Former Expat Kid

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Food to Eat (And In What Order) After You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Unfortunately, as the oldest child I was the first person in my family to get my wisdom teeth removed, so my family didn’t really have much prior experience to work with in terms of planning for post surgery food options. Not really prepping beforehand, I ate whatever was in the kitchen after the surgery. This meant I tried to have apple sauce right away and oatmeal not too long after. I know some people wouldn’t have a problem with that but I’m incredibly squeamish. I was so afraid of apple sauce and oatmeal getting stuck in my gums or – so much worse – of getting dry sockets. Realizing I could be going about my meal planning in a much smarter way, I made this list of foods to eat after you get your wisdom teeth removed. I got my wisdom teeth removed late in the summer. It seems pretty common for a lot of people to get that surgery done before the school year starts. If your turn’s coming up, good luck, and I hope you find this food shopping list helpful!

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