College Medicine Cabinet Essentials

I’m finally getting over an unfortunate bout of seasonal allergies. You’d think by early June this wouldn’t be a problem anymore, but apparently those spring allergies hit me a bit later this year. The campus grounds crew was also doing some serious lawn mowing and general tiding up for commencement and reunion weekends so maybe I’m just allergic to freshly cut grass or something. Anyway, anyway, my friends finally got tired of hearing me sneeze and sniffle, so next time we went shopping I made an addition to my personal mini college “medicine cabinet.” I think I’ve gotten to the point where my collection of meds covers enough of the basic sickness woes one might face in college without being too excessive. I don’t want to buy and hold on to a bunch of stuff I’ll never end up using. In celebration of this new buy, and in preparation for anyone who may need to start or update their college medicine cabinet, I’m sharing the simple basic items I’ve found helpful to have on hand in college.

College Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Vitamin C

It’s actually kind of ridiculous how cyclical colds can be in a dorm environment. For example, I can now almost guarantee that I will get sick the week before midterms and finals. I, along with everyone else, spend those weeks letting my health take the backseat as I stress out about everything. When I feel a cold coming on I’ll take some Airborne to try and fight back.

Cough Drops

For when those colds that I knew were coming finally arrive, at lease I’ve got my cough drops. I’ve actually been kind of surprised with how many of these things I’ve gone through since starting college.

Band Aids

When are these not included in a medicine cabinet or first aid kit? I’ll also use these to cushion my heels when I’m wearing unforgiving shoes.

Pain Meds

For the monthly cramps.

Breathe Strips

When you need these things they are a lifesaver. When I get a stuffy nose (again, read above about the cyclical dorm sicknesses) there’s no way I’d be able to sleep without breathe strips. And getting enough sleep is essential to getting over a cold, so having a clear nose at night is so important beyond just that one night’s sleep. I know some nasal sprays work pretty well too if these guys don’t work for you.

Allergy Meds

You’ll know if you need ‘em.

Daily Vitamins

I don’t know if I’d technically list this as a “medicine cabinet” kind of thing, just because it’s not just for when you’re feeling bad. But I’ve really loved looking after my overall daily vitamin intake because I think it’s helped regulate my dietary health just a little bit even when my food intake isn’t always consistently healthy. Also, those gummy vitamins are just plain ol’ tasty [#MorningRoutineHighlight].

I’ve really figured out what things I personally should have on hand just based on what I had to buy when I’ve gotten sick in the past two years at university. You should know what to stock yourself with initially based on what kinds of issues you’ve had in the past, and you’ll see your mini pharmacy grow to accommodate your own needs.



Let me know if I’ve covered the basics! What’s in your college medicine cabinet?

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