Friday Faves

I have this cute little friend profile/address book thing that I got in Japan when I was in middle school. I still carry it around with me, and yes, I have made my college friends fill out these profiles as well. They have all these random fill-in-the-blanks like “what is your favorite (color, animal, whatevs)” and fun “what if” questions. One of the sections asks you to list the top three things you’re into at the moment. It can be anything from a food you’re been craving recently, or a trip you took or whatever. For example, I’ve listed stuff like mittens, tea, and time with friends for this question. I loved that little portion of the profiles so much, I’ve used the “top three” as a periodic check-in for myself. I like to think it helps me be more grateful and appreciate the little things in life. It can also be a fun little conversation with friends. I’ve definitely collected book  and food recommendations by asking friends for their current top three interests.  I’ve decided to try out the practice in blog format, and since today is Friday, I’m gonna play with some alliteration and call it my Friday Faves. Maybe you’ll find some fun things to check out, or get inspired to try the “top three” gratitude practice yourself.

Friday Faves

The Time in Between

Friday Faves

I can. not. even stop talking about this show rn. I kid you not – love it so much. To give some context, I’m not usually a big TV person. I can’t tell you the basic plot to all the big shows, I don’t use Netflix that much, and I tend to start and not finish so many television shows. I had The Time in Between in my Netflix list because I thought the one sentence premise sounded interested. I knew nothing about the show, so I was mildly surprised to realize it’s in Spanish once I finally started the first episode. The show is based on a book by María Dueñas. It really showcases a complete character arc for Sira, the main character, which was so satisfying to follow. I also loved the expat thing they had going on in Morocco towards the beginning of the show. And having a dressmaker as a main character makes for great cast costumes. Highly recommend.


I don’t know why I’ve only just started getting into listening to podcasts. It really is the best. Of course I’ve loved learning new stuff on the shows I listen to, but I’d say that the two big reasons I’ve enjoyed podcasts so far have been:

  1. Listening to podcasts makes me feel like I’m equipping myself with the coolest conversation starters.

    For example, the other day at a dinner party with friends, we talked about the difference in eating habits depending on whether someone is eating with men or with women. I brought the topic up because I’d recently listened to a podcast on social science studies on eating habits.

  2. What was formerly “dead time” now feels “productive.”

    I listen to podcasts when I’m walking by myself, while I’m working out, when I’m cleaning, or while I’m doing laundry. These are all things I have to do anyway, so they are productive in a sense, but I usually still feel like I’m not getting much substance out of that time. Listening to podcasts has tricked me into thinking I’m such a productive multitasker – learning new things while I take care of chores.

Short Hair

Friday Faves

Do you ever feel like your recent Pinterest pins reveal what’s been on your mind? Well, I’ve definitely been thinking about getting a haircut recently. When the summer heat hits it always seems like a better idea to chop off some hair, but I’m also worried about not being able to pull my hair up and back anymore if I get too much cut off. I don’t know about you but I totally get haircut anxiety. It’s bad.


Have you seen The Time in Between? What are your fave podcasts? Are you thinking of getting a new haircut?

Wearing Rose Glasses






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