How to Take Advantage of Your Summer on Campus

I have a friend who stayed on campus last summer. Afterwards she told me that she firmly believes every student should experience one summer on their college campus before they graduate. I was always impressed by how convinced she was that it was something everyone needed to try, but honestly, I’m starting to get it. I’m spending this summer on campus, and I’ve been lovin’ it. I’m crazy busy, but it’s not just about classes. During the school year I have a bad habit of not letting myself do extra things when I feel stressed. I’ll feel like I should be studying, but what often ends up happening though is that I end up wasting a bunch of time. I’m procrastinating doing school work, but at the same time I won’t let myself do something productive that isn’t school work. Do you ever have this problem?? Anyway, not taking classes over the summer has lifted some of that academic pressure. And also let’s not even mention the weather factor. So many things I’d like to do on campus need at least decent weather. Conclusion: summer is the time to do all the things on your campus bucket list.

How to Take Advantage of Your Summer on Campus

Learn More About Your College Home

I’m working as a campus tour guide this summer and I’ve loved learning more about university history and the various buildings on campus. You don’t need to become a guide to learn a bit about your home for these four years. Try taking one of those campus tours just for kicks. Or try picking up a book . I have a friend  who checked out some books from the local public library on the city history of our college town. You can similarly expand your search past campus borders.

Explore Off Campus

Speaking of exploring off campus – see what the local life has to offer. I don’t go to school in a big city so there tends to be something of a divide between engaging with on campus activities and off campus opportunities. Without the day to day routines of the school year in the way, the summer is a great chance to explore restaurants and events downtown. Especially in the summer when the weather is good, you might notice more local events to take part in – think summer picnics or outdoor concerts!

Meet with University Faculty and Staff

Plenty of university faculty and staff are here on campus during the summer too. During the school year I’ll want to go to office hours more, talk with professors, schedule meeting with other university departments – but I somehow don’t get around to it. So far this summer I’ve scheduled meetings with professors, a university museum curator, a director for the student wellness center, and one of the gym program directors.

Make New Friends

Some of my friends stayed here for the summer as well, but plenty did not. Those of us left behind gotta stick together! As a consequence I’ve become much closer friends with people I was formerly acquaintances with. I’ve also met new people just because everyone is looking for people to hang out with in the summer. Branch out and use this time as an opportunity to grow your social circle.

Do Something You Don’t Normally Do

During the school year it can be easy to get into the same routine, but here’s your chance to make a new summer routine for yourself. Try a new exercise class, volunteer your time, or just do something you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to just yet.

Use Campus Resources

You know all of those really choice study spots on campus that are impossible to snag during the year? Well, here’s your chance. I’ve been making my way through all the best work spaces on campus. Also, the library is such a great resource. Check out some summer reading for yourself from your university library!



How have you enjoyed your summer on campus?

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2 thoughts on “How to Take Advantage of Your Summer on Campus

  1. I’m not living on campus this summer, but I am working on campus this summer! It has been great because I’ve gotten to see more of the campus since it’s not that filled with students anymore. I love it! It’s almost like a whole new school.

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    1. I completely agree! It’s such a different place! I’m so glad I get to see a side a campus so many people don’t get to experience.


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