Hairstyles of the Louvre Museum

I’m definitely no art history buff, but I do enjoy going to art museums. I lived in France all through high school, and one thing I took away from the experience was a taste for art appreciation. I was impressed with how common it was to hear a people talk about the latest art exhibits in the city in the most down to earth and colloquial way. It’s unfortunate (but maybe not surprising) that many people find art in museums to be stuffy, unapproachable, or too “high-brow.” But I really believe that your experience at a museum can change drastically depending on the mentality you choose to adopt during the visit. I’ve spent many a time in museums letting myself notice the oddest things I can find in a piece of artwork. I was looking through some of my older photos when I found this great example of one of my museum exploration topics exposed through the quick photos I took on my phone as I walked around the Louvre Museum in Paris. If you’re in Paris, I’d recommend just letting yourself get lost in the Louvre – you never know what you’ll find. But no matter where you are, be playful and look for the unconventional during your next trip to the museum.

Hairstyles of the Louvre Museum

Louvre Hairstyles (1)

We’re starting off here with a twisted bun. It looks like there might be a ribbon or something rolled into her hair. But I think the real question is if that’s real hair or a clip on.

                       Louvre Hairstyles (2) Louvre Hairstyles (3)

Both of these ladies are going for a half up, half down bun. The style from the closeup pic takes a bit more time to get right though with the added braids.

                   Louvre Hairstyles (4) Louvre Hairstyles (5)

These were done by a stylist for sure.

Louvre Hairstyles (6)

Step One: Put nature in your hair.


                     Louvre Hairstyles (7) Louvre Hairstyles (23)

Classic low bun. Probably the easiest hairstyle to master on this list. But take note that to get the sculpture hairstyle look you always part your hair straight down the middle.

Louvre Hairstyles (8) Louvre Hairstyles (10) Louvre Hairstyles (21)

Who doesn’t love flower crowns?

Louvre Hairstyles (13)

Are those cornrows?

Louvre Hairstyles (15)

Natural curls or curling iron?

Louvre Hairstyles (16)

“Don’t mind me. Just taking a power nap.” …

Louvre Hairstyles (18)

… “In my perfectly done up hairdo.”



What fun things do you notice at museums?

Wearing Rose Glasses






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