College Dorm Shower Hacks

College Dorm Shower Hacks

The Shower Caddy

I’ve seen a lot of people buy those big plastic shower caddies, but not all dorms have a place to set the caddy near the shower. In my building, the “toolbox caddies” have to go on the floor. Now personally I’m not the biggest fan of keep my things on the surface I avoid letting my own feet touch. If you don’t use too many heavy products, and you have a sturdy shower curtain rod, I’d recommend getting a mesh shower caddy and a plastic laundry hook. I keep my shower things right at arms reach and off the floor. While it is a simple change, this is probably by best dorm living hack yet. Highly recommend.

College Dorm Shower Hacks

The Linens

     The Robe

I prefer a robe to a towel wrap because my hands are totally free to carry anything I need to and from the shower.

     The Towel

Having a little loop on your towel to hang it next to you while you shower leads to less worries about finding your towel on the floor when you’re done showering and need it to dry off. (I actually had to sew the little loop on the this towel myself, but it was super easy.)

College Dorm Shower Hacks

The Shoes

What would dorm showers be without shower shoes?

College Dorm Shower Hacks



What were your best dorm buys?

Wearing Rose Glasses



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