Food to Eat (And In What Order) After You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Unfortunately, as the oldest child I was the first person in my family to get my wisdom teeth removed, so my family didn’t really have much prior experience to work with in terms of planning for post surgery food options. Not really prepping beforehand, I ate whatever was in the kitchen after the surgery. This meant I tried to have apple sauce right away and oatmeal not too long after. I know some people wouldn’t have a problem with that but I’m incredibly squeamish. I was so afraid of apple sauce and oatmeal getting stuck in my gums or – so much worse – of getting dry sockets. Realizing I could be going about my meal planning in a much smarter way, I made this list of foods to eat after you get your wisdom teeth removed. I got my wisdom teeth removed late in the summer. It seems pretty common for a lot of people to get that surgery done before the school year starts. If your turn’s coming up, good luck, and I hope you find this food shopping list helpful!

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Why You Should Give Secondhand Clothes Shopping a Try

I am such a secondhand shopping advocate after this summer – I’m even writing a blog post to let you know you should give it a shot too! At the end of the school year I was making a summer bucket list and asking around for people’s suggestions of places to explore. Something I heard twice was to go secondhand shopping. So my friends and I planned a trip and went to Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor. First a quick distinction:

Thrift shop:

Run by nonprofits. Restocks by taking items on donation.

Consignment shop:

Gets items from people who get paid if/when the item sells in the consignment shop.

Resale shop:

Stocks store by purchasing items from individual sellers up front.

The two stores my friends and I went to were resale shops. My friends and I had never really shopped secondhand before this summer, but we all agreed that there’s no going back now. We had such a great experience! Here are the reasons we found secondhand clothes shopping to be so valuable.

Why You Should Give Secondhand Clothes Shopping a Try

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Hairstyles of the Louvre Museum

I’m definitely no art history buff, but I do enjoy going to art museums. I lived in France all through high school, and one thing I took away from the experience was a taste for art appreciation. I was impressed with how common it was to hear a people talk about the latest art exhibits in the city in the most down to earth and colloquial way. It’s unfortunate (but maybe not surprising) that many people find art in museums to be stuffy, unapproachable, or too “high-brow.” But I really believe that your experience at a museum can change drastically depending on the mentality you choose to adopt during the visit. I’ve spent many a time in museums letting myself notice the oddest things I can find in a piece of artwork. I was looking through some of my older photos when I found this great example of one of my museum exploration topics exposed through the quick photos I took on my phone as I walked around the Louvre Museum in Paris. If you’re in Paris, I’d recommend just letting yourself get lost in the Louvre – you never know what you’ll find. But no matter where you are, be playful and look for the unconventional during your next trip to the museum.

Hairstyles of the Louvre Museum

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Friday Faves

I have this cute little friend profile/address book thing that I got in Japan when I was in middle school. I still carry it around with me, and yes, I have made my college friends fill out these profiles as well. They have all these random fill-in-the-blanks like “what is your favorite (color, animal, whatevs)” and fun “what if” questions. One of the sections asks you to list the top three things you’re into at the moment. It can be anything from a food you’re been craving recently, or a trip you took or whatever. For example, I’ve listed stuff like mittens, tea, and time with friends for this question. I loved that little portion of the profiles so much, I’ve used the “top three” as a periodic check-in for myself. I like to think it helps me be more grateful and appreciate the little things in life. It can also be a fun little conversation with friends. I’ve definitely collected book  and food recommendations by asking friends for their current top three interests.  I’ve decided to try out the practice in blog format, and since today is Friday, I’m gonna play with some alliteration and call it my Friday Faves. Maybe you’ll find some fun things to check out, or get inspired to try the “top three” gratitude practice yourself.

Friday Faves

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College Medicine Cabinet Essentials

I’m finally getting over an unfortunate bout of seasonal allergies. You’d think by early June this wouldn’t be a problem anymore, but apparently those spring allergies hit me a bit later this year. The campus grounds crew was also doing some serious lawn mowing and general tiding up for commencement and reunion weekends so maybe I’m just allergic to freshly cut grass or something. Anyway, anyway, my friends finally got tired of hearing me sneeze and sniffle, so next time we went shopping I made an addition to my personal mini college “medicine cabinet.” I think I’ve gotten to the point where my collection of meds covers enough of the basic sickness woes one might face in college without being too excessive. I don’t want to buy and hold on to a bunch of stuff I’ll never end up using. In celebration of this new buy, and in preparation for anyone who may need to start or update their college medicine cabinet, I’m sharing the simple basic items I’ve found helpful to have on hand in college.

College Medicine Cabinet Essentials

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